Why am I obsessed with zombies?

Zombies are supposed to be a bad thing, right? A virus that turns humans into non-sensical, flesh-eating piles of rotting flesh should not be something good. However, the whole idea behind zombies, a zombie apocalypse, and having to defend yourself by smashing zombie skulls fascinates me no end.

Other people find dragons, wizards, and elves fascinating and they secretly wish they were real. Well, in that exact same way, I dream of a Zombie apocalypse. I understand it wouldn’t be a good thing, and that the world would be coming to an end, but hey, who said a bunch of flame-breathing dragons flying around would be any better?


So, as a zombie enthusiast, I am a big fan of The Walking Dead, and endeavour to watch any TV show or film that involves brain-eating undead creatures. Films and TV shows featuring Zs usually fall into the category of horror and/or Sci-Fi. However, I recently discovered a relatively new category where a lot of my favourite Zombie films fall into, and it’s called ‘Horrordy’ (horror + comedy). These films are usually the ones that are so bad they are actually good! Some are made to be funny on purpose, but others are just so badly made they are actually even funnier. I could go on forever with an endless list of bad/good zombie films and zombie horrordies, but here are some of my favourites: Shaun of the Dead, Cockneys Vs Zombies, Zombie Strippers, Zombeavers (!), I Survived a Zombie Holocaust, and of course the all time classic Braindead (aka Dead Alive).

My obsession with zombies of course goes beyond watching them in films and TV shows. I have played numerous video games featuring Zs, such as Dying Light, Dead Rising, Dead Island, etc; I dress up as a Zombie at least once every Halloween; and more recently, I participated in a Zombie film as an extra!

This post was inspired by my new adventure. I saw an ad online looking for extras and just couldn’t pass the opportunity! Unfortunately I can’t reveal any information about the film at the moment (aside from the fact that it’s being filmed in Dublin around this time), but I will make sure to share more information when it is released. Unfortunately, to my disappointment, I didn’t get to play the zombie. But I did get a big fake scar on my cheek, and got my hair sleeked back so that I looked unwashed and worn. I have to be honest, I’ve looked better. Maybe the zombie apocalypse isn’t something to look forward to after all.

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